Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Hand Cake & Edible Eyeballs

I suck at cooking. Its pretty much a given since I don't do it often. Actually, to be honest, I don't know if I really suck since I don't do it much at all. Anyway, whats my point? Oh right! I baked a cake for Halloween and it does not suck. I can at the very least do that. If you didn't know, I love Halloween and I love horror, gore, goo, blood, zombies, Tim Burton, and the like there of. This is my holiday! I wanted to do something different this year, something with a punch! So lets give a great big hand to, drum role please, my Halloween Hand Cake!



Halloween Recipe Ingredients

1 Box Red Velvet Cake Mix
1 Jar Of Frosting (White/Cream Cheese/ Buttermilk/etc...) - Save a little of the white frosting on the side for eye color.
1 Packet of Duncan House Caramel Powder Frosting Packets (This is for the skin color)
Food Coloring Gels - Colors Used: Black (Nails & Pupils), Blue (Eyes), Red (Blood), Green (Veins)
1 Bag of White Chocolate Lindt Truffles (used to make the eyes)
Bag of Gummy Worms (Optional)

There is no right or wrong way to do this. I actually messed up, haha, so I just got creative. I'll just tell you what I did and maybe you can do it better :)


Making The Eyeballs


1. Mix white frosting with a little of the blue food coloring to desired shade.

2. With your finger, create a circle on the top of the truffle.*

3. Squeeze a tiny amount of black food gel dye in the center and move it around with a toothpick.

4. Let dry & place around Halloween hand cake.

*Tip: The truffle has a raised nipple on one side, use this side to decorate on. This way when you put it down on the counter, it will stand without tipping over.


Making The Halloween Hand Cake Basics 


After baking the cake, I placed it in the freezer for about 20 mins to fully cool. I took it out of the pan and placed it on a platter. I then placed my hand on top of the cake and cut around my hand & fingers. I heated up the frosting a little so that I could drip it over the hand. This is where it got super messy! I put the hand back in the fridge to cool. I waited about 10 mins (I suggest longer, I think I was impatient) I took the hand off the plate and broke some fingers, I put it back on the platter, lol. I ended up just decorating the frosting that was on the platter around the hand creating red swirls with the red gel food dye. Where the fingers broke, I just crumbled some left over cake making it look like the hand was bleeding.

 Finishing Touches


A. Blood: Squeeze some red gel dye around the parts that are "bleeding", this defines the area more.

B. Veins: Squeeze green gel food dye on the arms to create the veins.

C. Nails: Use black gel food dye and spread it around using a toothpick.

D. Place eyes & worms wherever it adds drama!

Happy Halloween!!!

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